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Allergy Asthma Day Capitol Hill 2019 Recap

One year ago, Dr G and I both headed to D.C. not sure what to expect but with one goal in mind: spread awareness. Little did we know, that we would be paired together, and this collaboration called The Itch Podcast would slowly take place. 

So, you can believe that when Allergy Asthma Day on Capitol Hill rolled around again this year we were both extremely eager to go back. We were also both invited to attend the Influencer Summit held by Allergy Asthma Network, which happens the day before we visited the hill.

If you didn't follow along on our Instagram stories we thought we would share a little update on what happened in D.C.

Unlike Las Vegas, we hope that what happens in D.C. definitely doesn't stay in D.C! Instead, we expect the bills get passed, and the information we learned gets shared so that everyone with allergies and asthma can live a little easier.

The Influencer Summit

The day before The Allergy Asthma Day on Capitol Hill,  the Allergy Asthma Network also held an Influencer Summit that brought together 20 influencers and doctors who write about allergies, asthma, and eczema. We discussed best practices for sharing information, were updated about the latest research and medication, and had the opportunity to connect. How often does that happen!?

It is always inspiring to see what others are up to in different fields. We hope to get around to interviewing some of the notable influencers we met on The Itch Podcast!  

Allergy Asthma Day Capitol Hill

Now to the main event, AADCH2019. This year we advocated for three bills:

Climate Change Health Protection and Promotion Act of 2019 (H.R. 1243/S. 523)

"Directs HHS to develop a national strategic action plan and program to assist health professionals and systems in preparing for and responding to the public health effects of climate change and for other purposes."

> What you need to know about this bill is that as the climate gets warmer things like environmental allergies and pollution will increase. This makes managing allergies and asthma more challenging and their effects even stronger. 

Food Allergy Safety, Treatments, and Research (FASTER) Act (H.H. 2117)

"Requires that sesame be added to the list of eight allergens for which labelling is currently required. The bill would also provide the CDC with funding to conduct data on allergy prevalence."

> Not only would this bill get sesame on labels, but it will also help fast track any future allergen that should be labelled. 

Safe Step Act (H.R. 2279)

"Requires a group health plan (or health insurance coverage offered in connection with such plan) to provide an exceptions process for any medication subject to step therapy protocol."

> Mainly we want patients to have access to the medications they need right away instead of having to go through the required steps that their insurance company requires. 

As always, it was incredibly motivating to be able to talk to representatives about subjects that impact us personally and professionally. We were fortunate that each person we spoke to understood the severity of asthma, and allergies and the importance of each bill. 

Let's hope that we won't be talking about these bills again next year, but will be celebrating that they have all been passed!!!! If you want to join next year - keep following us. This is an event that we will never miss!