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Can you be allergic to semen?

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A bonus episode that digs into the possibility of being allergic to semen. We talk with Dr. Wright about human seminal plasma allergy (Hypersensitivity) - what is it and how common is it. Of course, you can't talk about intercourse without talking about kissing, so we also chat about how to safely kiss after your partner has consumed a food allergen.

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What we cover in the episode

  • Can you be allergic to semen?

  • Can a food allergen be found in semen as it can in saliva?

  • What is the likelihood you could have a reaction via intercourse due to your partner eating an allergen?

  • What can you do if you have an allergy to semen?

  • How to test whether your allergy was from semen or something else?

  • What about kissing your partner if they have consumed a food allergen?

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