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Ep. 44 What is Oral Immunotherapy

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Oral Immunotherapy, OIT, has been on a lot of food allergy minds lately, especially with the FDA approval of PALFORZIA (the peanut pill). Dr. G and Kortney talk with Dr. Gharfeh is a double board-certified pediatric trained allergist/immunologist practicing in Oklahoma City. She has first-hand knowledge when it comes to OIT as she practices in clinic and has recently undergone OIT with her daughter.

What we cover in this episode on Oral Immunotherapy

  • The types of immunotherapy including OIT, SLIT, and epicutaneous.

  • The current research and status of OIT for the different allergens.

  • The status of peanut for Oral Immunotherapy.

  • Unpack the advantages and disadvantages of Palforzia, the FDA-approved peanut pill.

  • Outline the process of OIT at the allergist office.

  • What happens is if you react during OIT.

  • How allergists ensure the protein in the doses are used for OIT.

  • The pros and cons of doing oral immunotherapy as a patient and as a family such as the time commitment and risks of OIT.

  • The reason why OIT is mostly targeted to under 18s.

  • The side effects of OIT.

  • Risk of developing EOE during OIT.

  • Current unknowns of OIT - will the desensitization last? How long will the patient need to take the maintenance dose?

  • What should a patient think about when considering OIT

  • How many foods you can do at a time with OIT

  • Dr Gharfeh shares her personal experience doing OIT with her daughter

Additional resources on Oral Immunotherapy

  • Palforza: https://www.palforzia.com/

  • Dr. Wasserman, the protocol Dr. Garfeh and her colleagues follow: https://www.allergypartners.com/northtexas/doctors/?providerid=796

  • Dr. Maya N. Gharfeh's bio: https://oklahomaallergy.com/team/maya-gharfeh/

  • Dr. Garfeh on Instagram @allergistmama and Twitter @Maya Gharfeh MD

How to claim CME credits from this episode: https://www.adaptrack.com/welcome/the-itch-podcast