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Ep. 14: Interview with Shahla: how cooking has empowered her family with their allergy diagnosis

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How does a mom turn a food allergy diagnosis around to help empower herself and her children?

A new food allergy diagnosis can be overwhelming as a parent, but there is a lot of good that can come out of it. Many food allergy moms have turned a food allergy diagnosis into a new cooking passion, helping them make the transition from diagnosis to life much more manageable and empowering.

We talk to Shahla from My Berkley Kitchen about her journey with her daughter's diagnosis and the changes she made as a response.

What we cover in this episode:

  • Shahla's journey into becoming an allergy mom and fabulous cook

  • Why you don't want to restrict your diet if you don't have to and how to work with your allergist to expand your diet

  • When and how to try new foods

  • How to navigate foods that are 'cross-reactive' to your allergens

  • How to empower yourself and your kids in the kitchen by teaching them to cook and recreating foods that you can't have out at home

  • How to make food fun and take away any fear that food could bring 

  • Tips on eating out: allergy cards and why to call ahead

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