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Ep. 17: Interview with Lisa Rosenberg - food allergy anxiety

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

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Food allergy anxiety is taking a front seat in the FA community, how do you recognize if it is impacting you and your family?

Helping Dr G and Kortney discuss anxiety and mental health concerning food allergies is Lisa B. Rosenberg, M.Ed., MSW, LSW, CSSW. Lisa is a licensed child and family therapist, founder of Safe & Included, LLC, and co-founder of the Food Allergy Behavioral Health Association (FABHA)

In this episode, we learn about how Lisa was thrown into the world of food allergies, first as a 30-year-old and second with both her kids. Lisa shares her experience working in the school systems and how this led to more time spent working with clients on food allergy anxiety. 

We go over the signs and symptoms of food allergy anxiety and how you can seek help.

What we cover in this episode:

  • Lisa’s allergy story and her path to becoming an allergy consultant. From teacher to a counsellor to an allergy advocate.

  • Food allergies in the school system: how schools are modelling exclusion for kids with food allergies and what the psycho-social impact is. How teachers and school psychologists can help recognize food allergy anxiety.

  • How do food allergies impact mental health

  • How anxiety starts after the food allergy diagnosis.

  • Helpful anxiety versus debilitating anxiety - how to recognize this and what strategies and skills you need to help manage it.

  • The signs of anxiety, and how to differentiate an anxiety attack versus a reaction

  • How anxiety impacts diet leading to disordered eating, restriction, and eliminating foods out of fear.

  • Should you keep allergens in the house? How does this help or hinder your child learn skills to navigate their allergens later in life

  • How to get help if you are concerned with your budget

Supporting info:

Other Behavioral Health Resources:

  • Talk Space: Online Therapy with a Licensed Therapist - Not certified in food allergy specific anxiety - but can help with anxiety disorders in general. 

  • www.needymeds.orgput in zip code and will provide list of low cost or sliding scale medical clinics in your area; also great for finding low cost medication alternatives.

  • Text START to 741741 – for a licensed behavioral health professional that will text with you when you need it – for behavioral health crisis

  • 1800- 273-TALK – another number for behavioral health crisis

Meditation Sites to help reduce anxiety:

Check out our page for trusted website for food allergy families: https://www.itchpodcast.com/resources

Keeping your home Safe:

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