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Ep. 18: The questions that arise after a food allergy diagnosis: Part 1 - the medical questions

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You have been given a new food allergy diagnosis now what?

We asked what the most prominent questions people had after receiving their food allergy diagnosis and we answered them for you! In part ONE of 'the questions that arise after a food allergy diagnosis,' Dr G and Kortney answer the medical and science-based questions. In part TWO, they will be tackling the lifestyle side of a food allergy diagnosis. 

The Questions Answered:

  • How do I know how severe the allergic reaction will be?

  • What symptoms to look for an allergic reaction, and how long do they take to show up?

  • What is anaphylaxis versus a 'normal' allergic reaction?

  • How to and when to use epinephrine?

  • What epinephrine auto-injectors are available, and how do you use them?

  • How does epinephrine work, and what should we know about it?

  • Why does my child have so many food allergies?

  • What is oral allergy syndrome?

  • Is there a chance of developing more food allergies?

  • What are the chances of outgrowing food allergies?

  • Should I be concerned about asthma and eczema?

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