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Ep. 23: The Immune System

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How do you know if you have an under reactive immune system?

Did you know Dr G is an allergist-immunologist. This episode explores the function of an immunologist, what they treat patients for and how they go about it. But to fully understand immunology, we first have to know more about the immune system and what can go wrong with it. 

What we cover in this episode:

  • Only kids are affected by food allergies

  • A brief overview of the immune system

  • What can go wrong with the immune system: Overreacting - allergies & autoimmune disease, Under reacting - immunodeficiency disorders

  • What causes an immunodeficiency?

  • The basics of how to recognize an immunodeficiency and diagnose it.

  • How immunodeficiencies are treated

  • Types of immunodeficienciesDifference between allergy, autoimmune disease and immunodeficiency

  • Listener question: How can someone have both an under reactive and overreactive immune system?


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