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Ep. 24: Dating & alcohol when you have food allergies

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Kissing, love, drinking, oh my! How does a young adult navigate this and more when they have food allergies?

Dr G and Kortney sat down with Amanda Orlando, the blogger behind Everyday Allergen-Free and author of the cookbook Everyone's Welcome and Dan Kelly from the podcast May Contain to talk about dating!

They set out to talk about navigating love life with food allergies, but the conversation morphed into alcohol, college and figuring out how social life in your late teen's early twenties. There is some fun stuff in this episode, and the guests reveal some personal details about first kisses and more!

What we cover in this episode:

  • How to bring up your food allergies with a date

  • It's normal not to know how to bring up your allergies

  • Always share your allergy with dates as early as possible

  • If someone doesn't consider your allergy when planning a date - then maybe they aren't right for you

  • How using humour can help when introducing your allergies-

  • Rules about kissing?

  • How parents can help make young adults who are vocal about their allergies.

  • Over 60% of teenagers feel embarrassed to speak about their allergies - how can we change this?

  • Things that you need to think about as you transition from living at home to living on your own in college.

  • How having close friends who know your allergies and situation can make a big difference.

  • Why you should teach your friends how to use your epi device.

  • The importance of building a new safety net at college.

  • How to navigate drinking safely

  • How alcohol might affect your reaction to foods.

  • Allowing your partner to have allergens or not?

  • Did you grow up in an allergen-free home or not?


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