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Ep. 25: Travelling with food allergies

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Can you travel with food allergies? You bet! This is how!

In this episode, Kortney and Dr. G talk to Allie Bahn, a travel guru, who has been blogging about her adventures since 2008. Despite her allergies, Allie always finds various ways of exploring the world, while being conscious about her condition.

Travel has evolved for Allie from road trips with her family as a kid to solo adventures around the globe. Allie shares the steps she takes and her mindset around travelling with food allergies. There is no impossible destination as long as you are prepared.

What we cover in this episode:

  • How to make travelling with allergies possible - what you need to prepare in planning and your expectations.

  • How travelling with food allergies evolves as you get older

  • How to solo travel with allergies

  • Summer camps and student exchange: How should parents and children have a conversation when deciding to participate in an exchange program and what is necessary to prepare for it. How to know when a child is ready for travelling abroad

  • Are organizations more hesitant to allow kids with food allergies to participate in exchange programs?

  • What to do when preparing for first-time travel after food allergy diagnosis

  • How to build up confidence in travelling with allergies

  • How to prepare for travelling with allergies

  • How does Ally decide where to go next

  • Where should one be finding emergency services abroad

  • The resource www.allergytravels.com


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