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Ep. 27: How to treat atopic eczema

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What can you do to avoid atopic eczema flares?

In part two of the atopic eczema series, Dr G and Kortney discuss treatments and management techniques. From oral steroids to bleach baths, get ready to learn about all the ways you can help maintain healthy skin and avoid flares.

What we cover in this episode:

  • What types of creams should you use to help maintain your skin

  • Medicated creams: steroid cream, non-steroidal creams: Protopic and Crisaborole

  • Sun exposure’s impact on your skin

  • Other atopic eczema therapies: Phototherapy, Oral steroids: the pros and the cons, Dupilumab - dupixent: use and side effects, and Antihistamines

  • Skin care for atopic eczema: soaps, bathing, moisturising

  • Bleach baths

  • General tips on how to avoid a flare.

  • Can eczema be cured?

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