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Ep. 28: How to feel comfortable in your skin with eczema - Interview with Alexis Smith

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What is the secret to feeling comfortable in your skin, especially when you have eczema?

Dr. Gupta and Kortney interview "skinfluencer" Alexis Smith, who shares her eczema journey on Instagram. Alexis has appeared on the cover of People Health Magazine, and Dove Beauty campaigns openly displaying her skin. Alexis shares how to feel comfortable in your skin, how to date, and wear makeup when you have eczema. Dr. G goes into detail about patch testing for contact dermatitis, and how it is an integral part of eczema management.

What we cover in this episode:

  • The role Instagram played in her eczema journey and the doors that it has opened from collaborations to developing a community

  • How Alexis's family adapted to her diagnosis and the changes they had to make as a household

  • The emotional toll eczema puts on you 

  • Alexis's story of not covering up her eczema and why is it important to know and remember that "people don't care"

  • Advice on how to be more comfortable in your one skin and gain confidence in your body

  • How to interact with people who comment on your skin and don't really understand it?

  • Navigating makeup with eczema

  • Tips for rocking your eczema routine

  • The testing used to help diagnose eczema

  • Dating with eczema

  • Mental health & resources for people who are feeling emotionally drained from their skin condition

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