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Ep. 29: Nutrition and food allergies during pregnancy

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Are there special precautions you need to take when pregnant with food allergies?

Chelsey Amer joins Dr G and Kortney to talk about her experience being pregnant with food allergies. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Chelsey also shares information about proper nutrition during pregnancy for those with and without food allergies.

Dr G also shed some light on allergic reactions and what you need to know about taking allergy and asthma medications during pregnancy.

What we cover in this episode:

  • Chelsey's journey with food allergies, chronic lung disease and how she became a registered dietitian.

  • Can you use anti-histamines, epinephrine, topical steroids while pregnant?

  • Pregnancy and asthma, can you continue to use controller medications and does anything change with asthma during pregnancy?

  • Tips on how to eat a well-balanced diet during pregnancy and what that looks like.

  • The role of supplements during pregnancy: what to look for and what to take.

  • Is it ok to be a vegetarian while pregnant? Will your baby get all the nutrients they need to thrive?

  • Why omega 3 fatty acids should not be neglected during pregnancy.

  • What foods to avoid during pregnancy.

  • Should you avoid eating allergenic foods while pregnant if you are not allergic to them? If you have a child with food allergies, should avoid eating their allergens during pregnancy?

  • Can vitamin D help prevent allergic disease in babies?

  • Why you want to introduce allergenic food to your child early on.

  • Breastfeeding: what foods should be avoided, and when should you avoid allergenic foods while breastfeeding?

  • When should someone consider working with a registered dietitian?

  • What concerns Chelsey had about food allergies for herself and for her son.

  • How to safely introduce your food allergens to your baby, and what Chelsey has been doing with her son.

  • Sugar and gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

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