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Ep. 31: Setting up a 504 plan for food allergies and asthma

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How do you set up a 504 plan for food allergies and asthma?

Whether it is food allergies, asthma, ADHD or another disability, a 504 plan is an essential part of your child's school experience because it states in black and white why they need accommodations and what they are.

Kristin Osborne joins Kortney and Dr G as she outlines how to set up a 504 plan, what accommodations you can arrange for food allergies and asthma, what happens if your child's 504 plan is violated, and more!

Kristin is a trained disability advocate and mom to three boys with multiple life-threatening food allergies, so you bet she knows all about what it takes for setting up a plan and navigating the federal school system.

What we cover in this episode:

  • What is a 504 plan and who can get one?

  • When can you start a 504 plan for your child? Preschool to high school.

  • Can you have a 504 plan if your child goes to private school?

  • How to qualify for a 504 plan: the eligibility meeting, the criteria, and who is involved in this process.

  • The types of accommodations food allergies and asthma can have in a 504 plan.

  • What would be considered a violation of the 504 plan?

  • The steps to take if the 504 plan has been violated.

  • The role of class parents in ensuring the 504 plan is respected.

  • When and how you should get your food allergy child involved in the 504 planning process.

  • What is your doctor’s role in setting up a 504 plan.

  • Could COVID impact your 504 plan?

  • Kristin’s honey and hot sauce method

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