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Ep. 8: Interview with Dr Alex Thomas - using comics help educate patients about asthma

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The power of learning about asthma through comics! Kaboom! Pow! Inhale!

Dr Alex Thomas doesn't think educating patients about their conditions needs to be boring, instead, he thinks it should be an adventure! Dr Thomas talks to Dr G and Kortney about how he uses comics to help his patients understand their asthma and what tools doctors can learn to become better communicators.

Dr Thomas is a pediatric allergist and immunologist, and cartoonist. He is a co-founder of Booster Shot Media, a company that uses diverse forms of media to help teach patients about different health conditions. (That's him below!)

What we cover in this episode:

  • Dr Alex Thomas's journey into creating comics about asthma and how he started his company, Booster Shot Media

  • How Dr Thomas works with medical students using comics to learn how to use different communication methods with patients

  • The methods doctors learn and practice to better educate their patients

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