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Ep. 9: Chat with Emma Amoscato - how to vet information about allergies & asthma

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How do you decide what online information about allergies and asthma to trust?

There is only so much a doctor can cover in an appointment, which means the vast majority of patients do lots of research on their own. Not only do patients want to know about the medical side of their new diagnosis, but they also want to know how it will impact their lives. With social media and forums, it is easy to find those everyday life answers, but not all information is correct or helpful.

Kortney and Dr G chat with Emma Amoscato the author of the book Living with Allergies: Practical Tips for All the Family to discuss how people living with allergies and asthma can vet the information they find online. They also talk about how to build a trusted community both online and off, why Kortney and Emma started their blogs and what role doctors have in helping patients navigate the online sphere from pseudo-science websites to Instagram.

What we cover in this episode:

  • How to determine whether a source is legitimate and what things to look out for when choosing your source of information

  • How to navigate social media

  • How to build a trustworthy online and offline community that is informed and provides a safe space for mental health: forums, meet-ups, and Facebook groups

  • Briefly discuss Emma's new book, touch upon gut biome, why the increase of food allergies, and feeling guilty about your child's allergies

  • Anxiety with allergies and asthma: when to experience it and when information can be helpful or harmful

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