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Get to know Dr. Ratika Gupta

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

1. Do you have allergies/asthma/eczema/immune disease?

Thankfully I do not have any of these diseases, but my husband does so I completely understand how it affects daily life. My daughter may have eczema, and thanks to my specialty, I know just what to do!

2. Why did you choose to be a part of the Itch?

How could I not? An awesome host and physician (Gupta’s are always fun people and great doctors!), I would be making a serious mistake not joining. Also, it keeps me on my toes in regards to staying up to date with allergy information!

3. What’s your day job?

I am a practicing board certified allergist/immunologist.

4. You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

I would choose a color that is unusual but I honestly love yellow and the optimism the color shares. Not to mention, it looks good on my skin tone.

5. What is something you like to do the old-fashioned way?

Sending emails with a computer or laptop. I don’t like using my phone for emails.

6. What do you bring with you everywhere you go?

Aside from my toddler, probably a water bottle. I get hangry but want to be healthy at the same time.

7. What is your favorite karaoke song?

Anything N’Sync or Backstreet boys. Love the boy bands.

8. What is your favorite snack?

Vanilla cake with vanilla frosting

9. What are you currently reading?

A Random Walk Down Wall Street – but its taking me a long time to get through it just because of time issues – it’s a great book!

10. Your top 3 podcasts?

- Boss Up Academy

- Freakonomics

- The Itch – seriously!

Dr. Ratika and her daughter!