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Pop-up episode: Using inclusive language for food allergies

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A mini popup episode for you!

MILK versus MYLK, what's the deal?

Amanda from the blog Everyday Allergen-Free joined Kortney to explore what spelling milk with an 'I' versus milk with a 'Y' means and how it can impact someone’s experience with that food.

This lead to a discussion about feeling left out when you have food allergies and whether getting an allergy-safe version of a classic food makes you feel included or different.

What we cover in this episode

  • Inclusive language for those with food allergies.

  • When did the alternative spelling of MYLK show up?

  • How does speaking milk with a y help or hinder those with a dairy allergy?

  • Feeling left out/longing for what you can’t have, especially when you have food allergens in the house.

  • Does an allergy-safe version of a food make you feel included or different?

  • What terms can you use to talk about allergy-safe food replacements.

  • The attitude to have when trying to recreate foods that contain an allergen.

  • What does the ‘real’ version of a recipe mean for an allergy person?

  • The different trends in plant based milk.